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How we started.

Andrea Forch, owner of The Art of Living Assisted Living Facility, took over the company a year ago with a mission of providing exceptional care to those that can no longer care for themselves or just need a little help in a safe and loving home environment. The Art of Living has been in existence for over 10 years with a reputation of excellence that speaks volumes. Our focus is to enrich the lives of those we serve with respect, integrity, and compassion.
Andrea is a United States Army veteran. She loves listening and conversing with others with the intent to gain knowledge and wisdom. She is pegged as being wise beyond her years. She has a passion for helping others as well as her fellow veterans. While in the Army, she lived in Germany and took in the way they cared for each other and brought that back with her. She learned from her 3 years in Germany how others lived and gathered a better understanding of life in general.

Our Passion

Works to instill peace within the community.

Shortly after leaving the Army, she became a police officer and it was there that she realized her true calling was police work as she is known for offering to help others, even those that she does not know well, with many aspects in life based on her experience. She is a 15 year veteran police officer. She has earned numerous awards from citizens as well as her fellow comrades for either apprehending the criminal, aiding in the apprehension of the criminal(s) or by simply being nice. She works to instill peace within the community and bridge the gap between peace and love.
Andrea holds a master’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Texas certification to be an assisted living facility manager.  Her drive for helping others extends beyond police work as she is known for offering to help others, event those  that she does not know, with many aspects in life such as: business consulting, job search, financial advice, and the list goes on. She is a true asset to The Art of Living. She figured what better way to truly help people than to assist them with everyday tasks to ensure a great quality of life.



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